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Below you will find a few examples of products, programs, and services delivered by our STEMsolutions team.

Sales Professional Training Program (SPTP)

Development of a training program for the sales staff of a scientific supply company.  New hires were put through a 2-day training program developed by STEMsolutions and implemented as a mix of on-line and hands-on activities.  

Attendees were provided training in the basic scientific theory and concepts related to their products and services and provided follow-up support as part of an ongoing partnership.

Northeast Biomanufacturing Center (NBC2)

STEMsolutions works with NBC2 to help develop curriculum and training materials that can be utilized by colleges, universities, and industry partners as part of their education and training programs.  

In addition, STEMsolutions participates in NBC2's annual BIOMAN conference and utilizing materials developed by the NBC2 partners, helps build certificate and degree programs, and industry training programs for their partners.

Community College Undegraduate Research Initiative (CCURI)

Pearson Education Case Study Project

STEMsolutions is the primary author and management group for the Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative.  This $5.7M National Science Foundation project is part of their Transforming Undergraduate Education in STEM (TUES) program.

STEMsolutions works with its 52 parter colleges to help them develop sustainable models for integrating the undergraduate research experience into their science curriculum

STEMsolutions partnered with Pearson Education in the development of a series of teaching case studies for use on their newly released "Mastering" online learning platform.

Our team helped develop and test several of the cases and took on the editorial role in working with other case study writers to help build the Pearson case study portfolio. 

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