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Our Expertise

STEMsolutions brings a wealth of experience sourced from over 18 years of working in the STEM education landscape.  We have partners and clients in industry, higher education, non-profit outreach organizations, and individual entrepreneurs.  Our services include the development of training materials and programs, faculty and industry workforce training, and grant development and evaluation. 

Higher Education


STEMsolutions works with colleges and universities in a variety of capacities, from curriculum to customized professional development.  

  • Development of degree and certificate programs. 
  • Faculty workshops and customized training programs (ex. Case study development workshop)
  • Departmental and Institutional Self-studies.
  • Undergraduate research programs.

Grant Development


STEMsolutions works with colleges and universities, not-for profits, and museums and outreach organizations to help them in their efforts to obtain external funding for their STEM efforts

  • Identifying grant funding opportunities
  • Workshops and webinars on proposal development
  • Grant writing
  • Developing grant evaluation plans
  • External evaluation of grant programs

Workforce Training


Our products and services extend beyond Higher Ed.  We work with our industry partners to address their STEM education needs.

  • Apprenticeship, incumbent, and new hire training workshops and programs
  • Sales force educational program relating products and services to STEM theory and practice
  • Industry skills standards development
  • College and university partnering programs

Assessment Tools


Curriculum Materials


High Impact Practices


STEMsolutions can help develop customized assessment tools for your STEM initiatives, or you may choose to employ one of our existing tools

  • Critiical thinking metrics and assessment tools
  • Learner progress tracking through matrix analyses
  • Assessment alignment with contemporary learning models (ex. learning domains)


STEMsolutions utilizes their understanding of high impact educational practices to help their clients with powerful educational tools.

  • Problem-based learning (PBL)
  • Undergraduate research (UR)
  • Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL)
  • Case Study Method (CSM)

STEMsolutions can help build customized curriculum materials that are aligned with best practices in educational theory and our client's specific targeted outcomes.

  • Development of new materials and training and workshops on existing materials
  • Development of classroom case study materials (CSM) and faculty training on the case study method
  • Single-class, weekly, or multi-week curriculum modules 


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